Lamb and cull ewe prices hold up at Bakewell

It was a busy market day at Bakewell particularly for the sheep. The sheep entry was the largest for many months, report auctioneers with not only 2,559 lambs, but a massive selection of 943 cull ewes and rams. Despite the large throughput trade held solid from start to finish with lambs grossing up to £96.82 and ewes £121.

The cattle sections all had decent, but not exceptional entries, an indication that there is plenty of keep and with what appears to be a fairly constant trade, no great pressure to sell.

The store cattle were as dear as ever with some outstanding prices achieved not least for the top class younger cattle with a 10 month Blonde x heifer making £1,025.

94 OTM CATTLE – overall average 125.89p

A better entry of cows and an improved trade with the usual full ring of buyers present. Top priced cow was 179p or £1,270.90 for a Simmental cow from Riverside Farmers, Scropton.

There was a higher percentage of dairy cows, the best over 140p, good quality sorts 130-140p and leaner sorts between 110-120p.


A decent entry of 200 store cattle found buyers as keen as ever with prices exceeding expectations and some remarkable results achieved.


Some very fine specimens of younger cattle in the entry, but not as many of the older larger steers as we have seen of late. Angus and Hereford collectors particularly active with all types in great demand.


A good entry of 107 calves met with an improved trade with more purchasers present than the previous week.

Of the Continental x Calves, the best quality animals attracted a real premium, with those of second and third quality continuing to be harder to sell.

There were some excellent calves on offer, with Blue Bulls from Messrs Shimwell at Chelmorton topping the market at £400, and heifers from Messrs Higginbottom to £340.

There were few other calves in excess of £300, with Limousins peaking £296 for a ¾ bred calf from Mr D Critchlow at Sheen. Buyers were selective, and there were numerous calves between £150-£250 reflecting the trend across the county over the last two weeks.

Demand for native bred calves was extremely strong, with numerous purchasers present. The Holstein Calves were probable £10-£20 up on the previous week, averaging £61 and peaking at £204 for a strong calf from Mr Furness, Elton. Friesians averaged £132, with a top price of £192 for a lovely pure bred animal from Mr D Critchlow, Sheen. A very nice Hereford bull from Mr Thompson at Peak Forest realised the highest price of the rest at £256, with the same vendor having heifers to £148.

3,502 SHEEP including 2,559 Lambs & 943 Ewes and Rams

The largest entry of lambs for many months with a total of 2,559 on offer. An indication that farmers are sorting lambs for sale prior to the impending breeding sheep sales. Despite the larger numbers the trade held firm right through the sale.

The best lambs were selling in the 195 to 207p bracket with the majority of regular sorts in the 170’s and 180’s. There were quite a number of plain lambs in store condition which pulled the overall average back somewhat to a figure of 179.3p.

943 Cull Ewes and Rams

A huge entry of 943 cull sheep section prices ease somewhat following the recent festival. Trade was solid from start to finish held up by interest from purchasers seeking grazing ewes and several large consignments were gathered by buyers from the South of Derbyshire and beyond.

The best ewes commanded prices regularly topping £10-0 per head with a notable example at £121. Rams sold to £185.

Auctioneers: Bagshaws