Lamb sales on the increase

Lambs sales have remained strong despite the worsening economic climate, up by 8% on 2006, according to the latest data from EBLEX.

Total GB lamb retail sales rose marginally in September to 21,000, an increase of 0.1% up on 2007.

Sheep and lamb/ewe

Although GB retail sales of beef in the 12 weeks to 7 September are down by 7% at 59,000 tonnes, this still represents a 3.4% increase on 2006 volumes.

But, longer term retail sales of both red meats look set to remain firm as consumers are switching from eating out and ready meals to staying and enjoying home-cooked food, says EBLEX chief executive Richard Lowe.

“The perceived wisdom is the credit crunch means more expensive protein such as lamb might suffer, but this is clearly not the case.”

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