Lameness poster sets standard for terminology

A poster detailing the 14 most common foot disorders seen in dairy cows around the world is being published by Zinpro Corporation.

The poster follows a recent agreement by the International Lameness Committee, who for the first time were able to agree the terminology and identification of the most important infectious and non-infectious diseases.

This is a tremendous step forward for the dairy industry, says Nick Bell, Bristol vet school. “Often the names used to describe lesions can be misleading, as they mean different things to different people and the variety of names can be confusing.”

Accurate recognition of foot lesions is essential for formulating an effective foot health programme for dairy cows. “With good records based on accurate identification of lesions, lameness monitoring and diagnosis at herd level becomes possible.”

The poster is available by contacting Michael Main, county manager for Zinpro performance minerals by emailing