Limousin calf reigns supreme at Cornwall calf show

Cornwall pedigree calf show saw well over 100 quality calves forward with cattle being judged through two rings with the natives judged by David Barker and the Continental ring by Mike Yeandle and the commercial and supreme champion by Hugh Lello.


In the native ring Aberdeen Angus went to GE and AG KIRK, res; ID and D Rowe

Devon champion to M and D COWELL , res; M and D Cowell

South Devon champion to A L PASCOE, res; N and E Bunkum

A.O.B champion to BRENDA WEAR (shorthorn) res; SA Hollier (Speckle Park)

OVERALL Native Champion  GE and AG KIRK;res champion ;SA Hollier



DSC_5681 A Angus Champ.jpg 

Continental bred champions

British Blues champion to Ross Withers; res; JN and LP Dunn

Charolais champion to R Tremayne , res; R. Tremayne

Limousin champion to David and Ann Wheeler, res; JH Neale and son Simmental champion to Steve and Gill Gummow, res;James Berry


OVERALL Continental Champion; David and Ann Wheeler, res ;Steve and Gill Gummow.


COMMERCIAL CHAMPION ; Ross Withers, res; Matt and Vicky Smith

OVERALL SUPREME CHAMPION of the show; David and Ann Wheeler.


DSC_5956 Lim & Sup Champ.jpg