Limousin cow tops 171p/kg at Sedgemoor new year sale

Greenslade Taylor Hunt reported a reasonable start to the new year at Sedgemoor when 153 cull cattle met a sharp trade.  The bottom end was noticeably improved, which bodes well for further future improvement, with all classes up compared to before Christmas.

Top price was 171p/kg for a quality black Limousin cow from Mr A G F Lockyer, who also sold an older red at 159p/kg. A heavyweight Limousin cow from Messrs R and S Dare achieved 155.5p/kg.

Native cows peaked at 151.5p/kg for an Angus from Messrs G R and M A Cox.  Another Angus made 143.5p/kg from Farmlea.

Sucklers sold to £1,247.11 for the grand 802kg Limousin cow from Messrs R and S Dare.  Another made more than £1,200 at £1,212.39 was the best Limousin from Mr A G F Lockyer.  NATIVE cows sold to £1,190.80 for an Angus from Messrs J and N P Cavill.

Black and white cows peaked at 148.5p/kg for a top drawer British Friesian from Messrs A J Gay and Son.  Other best types (HF) peaked at 138p/kg and 134.5p/kg from Denhay Farms.

Steakers made about 115p/kg.  Plain cows made about 100p/kg.  V

Cull bulls sold to £1,610.44 and £1,577.60 for Herefords from  Messrs  Holt Farms. Over thirty month clean cattle sold to 160p/kg for an Angus heifer from Messrs Sheldon and House.

A reasonable number entry of 510 Hoggs were forward, but overall a lack of quality was seen, which sold to a generally more difficult trade, in line with the majority of other centres this week. 

The best handyweights sold to 150p/kg from Mr G J Cottrell.  Others sold to 147p/kg and 143p/kg from Messrs A A and L Johnson; 142ppk from Mr R J Sheppy and Son and 141p/kg from Messrs F G, N K and A J Gammon, Mr A Foxford and Messrs S J and D M Cowling.  Heavier lambs were however slightly brighter and sold to £77, £76 and £68.20 from Messrs S J and D M Cowling.  Others sold to £69 from Mr NJ  Cowling; £67.20 from Messrs T J Rowland Farms; £67 from Messrs S F and L K Tucker and £66.80 and £66.50 from Messrs A F and R D Tucker and Sons.  Overall average £59.26.