Limousin Goldies Trophy continues winning

There’s no stopping Colin Hutchings and his Limousin bull Goldies Trophy, as he took yet another breed and overall beef championship, this time at the New Forest and Hampshire County Show, under interbreed judge Henry Dart.

Colin also took the Aberdeen Angus championship with another regualr to the show circuit, Logie Daredevil, under judge Alec McLaren.

In the dairy section, it was the Holstein from Mr and Mrs Coombes’, that of Aldingham Stormatic Clarissa 5th, taking the reserve here was the Jersey Wisteria Sambo Bonita from Mr and Mrs Wadman.

In the sheep lines it was turn of the Charollais from Messrs J and A Griffiths and taking the reserve spot was Drayton and L E P farms’ Texel. Pics from the show…….




Interbreed – C J and J L M Hutchings and Son’s Limousin bull Goldies trophy; res, Mortimers Farms’ Charolais cow Mortimers Racey.

Aberdeen Angus – C J and J L M Hutchings and Son’s Logie Daredevil; res, P C Stovold’s Rosemead Karlotta.

Hereford – G D Stratford’s Aultoun Waiter; res, P and M Richman’s Lowerhope 1 Orange.

Charolais – Mortimers Farms’ Mortimers Racey; res, A White’s Balbithan Anya.

Interbreed – D M Commbes’ Holstein Aldingham Stormatic Clarissa 5; res, C Wadman’s Jersey Wisteria Sambo Bonita.

Jersey – C Wadman’s Wisteria Sambo Bonita; res, H D Woodget’s Peppix Bobbysox.

Holstein – D M Coombes’ Aldingham Stormatic Clarissa 5; res, P J Bradley’s Crockers Riverdance Shorty.

Dexter – A Park’s Charlmoor Sarah; res, P W Hunt’s Saltaire Sharp.

AOB – E Ogden’s Guernsey Wellingham Flower 127; res, Murphy’s Gloucester Castlemast Cherry Pie.

Interbreed – J and A Griffiths’ Charollais ewe; res, Drayton LEP Farms’ Texel shearling ram.

Hamphsire Down A L Brown; res, Tucker and Jesse.

Suffolk – G Miller; res, P Rycraft.

Texel – Drayton LEP Farms; res, Drayton LEP Farms.

AOB (MV accredited) – J and A Griffiths’ Charollais; res, J and A Griffiths’ Charollais,

Black Welsh Mountain – R Wise; M Baker.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset – N Wemham; res, Tucker and Jesse.

Jacob – M Bundy; res, A Milner.

Wilthsire Horn A J Hopkins (no reserve).

AOB (non accredited) – M T Flatt’s Southdown (no reserve).

Buthcers Lambs – Dawkins; res, Tucker and Jesse.

Newforset marque – Todd and Dunning; res, Todd and Dunning.

Shortwool – Sully’s Southdown; res, Sully’s Southdown.

Longwool – Rashley and Tooze’s Cotswold; res, Rashley and Tooze’s Cotswold.

Rarebreed – Mrs Rollason’s Norfolk Horn; res, H Pullin’s Castlemilk Modritt.

Portland – Johnston’s ram; res, Shaughnessy’s ewe.

Shetland – J Curtis’ shearling ewe; res T Chapman’s ram.