Limousin, Jersey and Blackface top Devon Show

Jerseys swept the board at last week’s Devon County Show, taking the dairy interbreed championship, group and pairs ahead of the tri-annual World Jersey Cattle Bureau conference.


S & S Murray’s  third calver Whiteoaks Julian Flower improved on last year’s champion Jersey spot by scooping the interbreed prize with handler Ollie Dain. “It’s been a tremendous show,” said owner Emma Murray, who plans to head to the Royal Show and local Midlands shows later in the year. By Valleystream Julian and out of Watchbury Centurion Flower VG89, Whiteoaks Julian Flower is currently giving 30kg a day.


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“This cow is clean boned with a well attached udder fore and rear,” said Canadian judge Brian Sayles. He chose Ian Chave’s Holstein cow Peacehay Fairy 26 for the reserve spot at her first ever show, based on her “outstanding strength with a tremendous udder”. By Comestar Stormatic and out of Peacehay Fairy 17, this homebred second calver is yielding 50kg a day.

In the beef classes it was the Limousins that cleaned up, claiming the interbreed championship, group and pairs. David and Anne Wheeler’s three year-old cow Rosecroft Versace took the individual prize, improving on her first in class at last year’s Royal Show.


“This is our first interbreed championship – it feels incredible,” said Mrs Wheeler. By Lino and out of Elite 152, Versace will now head for the Bath and West, Cornwall and Royal shows.


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Colin Hutchings’ successful Aberdeen Angus bull Logie Daredevil took the reserve spot. At four years old he has only been beaten once in three years of showing and will next be out at the Bath and West, Cornwall and Royal shows.



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In the pig ring Martin Snell continued his winning streak with his Large Black gilt Sock Doreen 169. Having claimed his first ever interbreed title at last year’s Royal Show, this was his first outing since. “I feel fantastic,” he said. 




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Reserve champion was Malcolm Hicks’ Gloucestershire Old Spot female Windmill Princess Mary 9.


Robert Jordan’s Scottish Blackface sheep impressed judge John Hodge, who placed the breed at the top of the individual, group and pairs championships. “Devon always has an outstanding sheep class – this year’s it’s been particularly strong,” he said.




Scotch BF 414 (Champ)blog.jpg

The champion was a yearling ram, which Mr Jordan said was probably the best he’d ever owned. J A Darke claimed the reserve spot with a Devon & Cornwall Longwool ram.



Longwool 129 (Res champ)blog.jpg



Interbreed  D K Wheeler’s Limousin cow Rosecroft Versace; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ Aberdeen Angus bull Logie Daredevil.

Interbreed Group

Limousin; res, Simmental.

Interbreed Pair

Limousin; res, Devon.


S A Martin’s bull Elmford Discretion; res,  M Cowell’s heifer Barton Camelia.

South Devon W H Sandford’s bull Haughton SAS Joe Louis 1; res,  T W C Trudgeon’s heifer Tregoose Buttercup 2.

Aberdeen Angus

C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Logie Daredevil; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ cow Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.

Dexter A Park‘s cow Charlmoor Sarah; res, B T Stamp and M Y Amil’s heifer Kenseypark Liquorice.

Murray Grey  S Harrow’s bull Waterfield Perry; res, S Harrow’s Waterfield Melba.

Any Other Pure Beef Breed M R Franklin’s White Park bull Ash Nik Nak; res, D J Hitchings’ Longhorn bull Ashton Henry.

British Blonde J Harvey’s heifer Hillhead Vivila; res, P J Holman and P M Williams’ Cosden Cherokee.

British Blue E A and D A Ellis’s heifer Trencom Be Bop; res, E A and D A Ellis’s bull Richpill Thomas.

British Charolais H Vooght’s cow Little Bovey Vogue; res, B W J Lavis and W Palmer and Sons’ bull Westcarse Beefy.

British Limousin D K Wheeler’s cow Rosecroft Versace; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Goldies Trophy.

British Simmental Boddington Estates’ cow Sterling Michelle’s Rhapsody; res, D B Mills’ heifer Wishful Treasured Whisper.

Commercial N and L Hill’s Grange Valparaiso heifer Quaish Bee; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ Charolais cross steer Wor Willie.



Interbreed S and S Murray’s Jersey cow Whiteoaks Julian Flower; res, F H Chave and Son’s Holstein cow Peacehay Fairy 26.

Interbreed Group Jersey; res, Holstein.

Interbreed Pair Jersey; res, Holstein.

Guernsey J R and S M Warren’s cow Laity Farm Primrose 96; res, D J Vincent’s cow Kenvin Enticers Lynne 9.

Holstein F H Chave and Son’s cow Peacehay Fairy 26; res, R J and E E Laity and Son’s cow Carlyon Jackson Suzan 212.

Jersey S and S Murray’s cow Whiteoaks Julian Flower; res, S and S Murray’s cow  rbanks Lemvig Lynne. 



Interbreed W J Jordan’s Scotch Black-Faced yearling ram; res, J A Darke’s Devon and Cornwall Longwool ram.

Interbreed Group Scottish Blackface; res, Charollais.

Interbreed Pairs Scottish Blackface; res, Texel.

Grey Face Dartmoor V Pratt’s ram; res, L M Kirkham and R A Brailsford’s group of three.

Devon Closewool W J Ley’s ram; res, A E Cook’s yearling ram.

Devon & Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s ram; res, J A Darke’s yearling ewe.

Dorset Down W D Burrough andd Sons’ ram lamb; res, W D Burrough and Sons’ ewe lamb.

Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset C and T Clarke’s ram; res, A Palk’s shearling ewe.

Exmoor Horn R F Clark’s ram; res, T Atkins and Sons’ yearling ewe.

Hampshire Down C J Westlake’s ewe lamb; res, C J Westlake’s ram lamb.

Jacob M M Biggs’ ewe; res, I & E Coates’ aged ram.

Rouge De L’Ouest Garlic UK’s ram; res, Garlic UK’s shearling ewe.

Scottish Blackface W J Jordan’s yearling ram; res, W J Jordan’s yearling ewe.

Suffolk R Lawrence’s ram; res, R Lawrence’s ram lamb.

Shetland R and D Huxter’s ram; res, R and D Huxter’s shearling ewe.

Texel E W Quick and Sons’ aged ewe; res, F H Chave and Sons’ aged ram.

White Face Dartmoor P G Abel’s ram; res, R A Lugger’s two yearling ewes.

British Charollais D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s aged ewe; res, E A Venner’s aged ram

Lleyn R H S Turner’s aged ram; res, R H S Turner’s shearling ewe.

Berrichon Du Cher K Yeo’s shearling ewe; res, Woodston Manor Partnership’s ram.

Bluefaced Leicester R H S Turner’s shearling ram; res, R H S Turners’ shearling ewe.

Beltex J and K Marshall’s aged ram; res, L Gregory’s ewe lamb.

Border Leicester M J and V M Pile’s ram; res, S D Martyn’s ram.

Southdown C E Burrough’s ewe; res, A and C Brown’s ram.

British Primitive & Rare Breeds J A Gamblin’s Galway ram; res, E R Tucker’s British Galway shearling ewe.

Any Other Pure Contintental Breed J W and G Durman’s British Vendeen shearling ewe; res,  A J  Carter’s Roussin’s aged ram.

Any Other Pure Native Breed W J Jordan’s North Country Cheviot aged ram; res, W J Jordan’s North Country Cheviot aged ewe.

Commercial S Chambers’ Texel cross x Texel ewe; res, J A Darke’s Texel X Mule x Beltex ewe. 



Interbreed P G Snell and Sons’ Large Black gilt Sock Doreen 169; res, M V Hicks’ Gloucestershire Old Spot female Windmill Princess Mary 9.

British Lop M V Hicks’ gilt Windmill Excelsa 24; res, M V Hicks’ gilt Windmill Excelsa 26.  

British Saddleback W A, E J and C A Uglow’s female Endsleigh Rosette 103A; res, L M Perkins’ gilt Gwyndy Lottie 8.

Gloucestershire Old Spot M V Hicks’ female Windmill Princess Mary 9; res, M V Hicks’ boar Windmill Patrick 8.

Landrace, Welsh & Large White M J Newth’s Large White gilt Prestleigh Queen 5; res, Mr J Newth’s Landrace female Prestcombe Doranda 3.

Large Black P Snell and Sons’ gilt Sock Doreen 169; res, PG Snell & Sons’ gilt Sock Skylark 23.

Berkshire I A D Todd’s gilt Smallicombe Stonebow 68; res, S Fildes’ female Peverell Suzanne 4.

Middle White J A Wood’s gilt Gillhouse Fair Lady 66; res, I A D Todd’s Smallicombe Fiary Lady.

Tamworth N L G Hunkins’ boar Shutevale Golden Ball 752; res, N L G Hunkin’s gilt Shutevale Princess 764.

Oxford & Sandy Black A and M F Case’s female Cwmnanthir Cynthia XVII; res, H Royle’s gilt Bissettdown Alison 17.