Limousin tops sale at Kirkby Stephen market

Topping at 168.5p/kg (£1112.10) was a Limousin cross cow from Messrs Wilson, Syke Farm and purchased By Mr G Birkbeck.  Trade for all classes was very dear and many more could have been sold to a great demand from buyers.
Leading Prices
Cast Cows
Price per Head
Limousin £1112.70 Syke Farm; £1038.40 Gaythorne Hall; £784.30 Woodfoot; £771.80 The Street
Black & Whites £1015.66 Soulby Grange; £977.33 Olmonds Farm; £915.08, £810.61, £979.51 The Buildings; £853.88, £784.29 Beckstones; £778.55, £741.96 Lockholme Hall; £755.73 South View; £738.50 Kaber Fold; £727.33, £714.56 Langford
British Blue £918.40 Gillses; £970.63 Woodfoot (Maughan)
Aberdeen Angus £886.44, £883.71 Syke Farm
Montbelliarde £720.51 Knock Cross Farm
Price per Kilo
Limousin 168.5p Syke Farm; 147.5p Gaythorne Hall; 127.5p Thwaite Farm; 126.5p Woodfoot (Maughan)
British Blue 143.5p Gillses
Black & Whites 139.5p Soulby Grange; 127.5p Kaber Fold; £126.5p Beckstones; 124.5p Olmonds Farm; 124.5p, 118.5p The Buildings; 118.5p Langford; 118.5p Lockholme Hall
Aberdeen Angus 133.5p, 131.5p Syke Farm
Montbelliarde 123.5p Knock Cross Farm
(Harrison and Hetherington)