Lincolnshire Show results

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally sorted out the results from Lincolnshire Show.


TS Beef Champ Lim.jpg

Beef Interbreed Smiths of Bloxham’s Limousin heifer Bavier; res R Dawson’s Charolais bull Lamberpark Challenger. 


Lincoln Red H M and J M Needler’s cow Walmer Lobelia; res, Trehudreth Farm’s heifer Trehudreth Beth.


British Blue Barwood and Padfield’s cow Ridge Dean Sherry; res, Barwood and Padfield’s bull Piggots Artful Dodger.


British Charolais R Dawson’s bull Lamberpark Challenger; res, J R and V A Webb’s bull Newroddige Bruno.


British Limousin Smiths of Bloxham’s heifer Bavier; res, H C Burton’s cow Spage Tess.


British Simmental P D Thurston’s heifer Ferrylane Lottie Victoria; res, R W Hopkinson’s bull Hollingwood Vulcan.


Longhorn G S Thomas’ heifer Barlings Greta; res, C G Burton and Son’s Charnwood Gladiator.


Any Other Pure Breed C Fox’s Salers cow Coland Tansy; res, C Fox’s Salers bull Manor Lane Apollo.  


Commercial Beef S B Show Cattle’s Limousin cross steer Samson; res, K Ludgate’s British Blue cross heifer Big Bum.


Dexter C A Raybould’s heifer Welland View Blossom; res, C A Raybould’s bull Welland View William.


Dairy interbreed

J and S Arrowsmith’s Jersey Warninglidgold Lemvig Autumn 3; res, J and S Arrowsmith‘s Holstein Pasturesnew SS Golden Rose.


Holstein J and S Arrowsmith‘s cow Pasturesnew SS Golden Rose; res, R V winter and Sons’ cow Corringham Astre Echo.


Jersey J and S Arrowsmith‘s cow Warninglidgold Lemvig Autumn 3; res, Pavenham Jerseys’ cow Pavenham Iben 9.

Sheep interbreed

G C Watson and C J Grain’s Charollais shearling ewe; res, H S Ashely’s Charollais shearling ewe.


Interbreed group of three Suffolks; res, Charollais.


Lincoln Longwool T Booth’s two shear ram; res,


Suffolk D and J Inman’s shearling ewe; res County Turf‘s ewe lamb.


Texel H S Ashley’s ewe; res, H S Ashley’s shearling ram.


British Charollais G J Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ewe; res, H S Ashely’s shearling ewe.


Oxford Down G J Watson and C J Grain’s ram lamb; res, G J Watson and C J Grain’s shearling ewe. 


Hampshire Down T I and J Hunter’s ram lamb; res, G Allenby’s shearling ewe.


Blue Du Maine J McInnes-Skinner’s ewe; res, J Bury’s ram.


Other pure native breeds G J Watson and C J Grain’s Oxford Down ram lamb; res, C Anderson’s Southdown shearling ewe.


Other pure Continental breed R Sharp’s Beltex shearling ewe; res, R Sharp’s Beltex shearling ram.


Cross bred sheep and commercial rams A R Barker’s Texel cross ewe lambs; res, HMP North Sea Camp’s Lleyn x Suffolk pair pf shearling ewes.


Commercial lambs C M Bowser’s Beltex crosses; res, C M Bowser’s Beltex crosses.


Pig Interbreed

M Horsley’s Berkshire gilt Horbreck Mermaid 66; res, P E Churchyard’s Large Black boar Breckles Majestic 20.  


Moderns Breeds A W Wells’ Large White gilt poplar Burn Blackberry 75; res, Brooksby Melton college’s Welsh sow Brooksby Empress 17.


Traditional Breeds M Horsley’s Berkshire gilt Horbreck Mermaid 66; res, J R and M L Wreakes’ British Saddleback sow Victoria Lottie 168.