Lion egg scheme toughens its rules

The Lion egg scheme has upgraded its code of practice for producers including enhanced salmonella controls and improved traceability, which will allow consumer to trace every box of Lion eggs to the farm of origin. 

The Code covers all stages of egg production and requirements cover a range of measures including compulsory vaccination against salmonella of all pullets destined for Lion-egg producing flocks.

British Egg Industry Council chairman Andrew Parker commented: “This major upgrade of the Lion Code of Practice will ensure that we maintain its position as a world-leading food assurance scheme. The latest measures add a number of new initiatives to the already stringent food safety and biosecurity controls included in the Code.”

First, the scheme has incorporated the requirements of the UK National Control Plan for salmonella, required under the EU Zoonoses directive. This includes on-farm testing for salmonella.

It has also toughened its auditing procedure, including unannounced audits of all Lion packing centres and new penalties including financial penalties for critical non-conformances.

But more importantly, the traceability element of the new measures will include an expanded ‘live’ database of all Lion scheme members and a register of wholesale traded eggs.

Mr Parker explained that the result was that from October, consumers will be able to trace their Lion eggs back to the farm from the code stamped on them.

The new Code is now being re-issued to all 450 Lion scheme members.