Livestock 2012: Young farmers launch dairy petition

The National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs has launched a petition calling for a profitable and sustainable dairy industry in order to give young people the chance to farm in future.

The petition, which was launched on the opening day of Livestock 2012, can also be signed online.

The organisation said members had been busy showing support for the dairy industry over the summer and helping dairy farmers with the fight to secure a fair price for their milk.

But it was launching the petition to continue to bang the drum for the plight of the sector.

Helen Reeve, NFYFC agriculture chairman said:  “We are delighted that we can help demonstrate the enormous farmer and consumer support for dairy farmers. With our extensive network of members and ‘can do attitude’ I’m sure we can rise to the challenge and I hope that our fellow UK YFC organisations will support us in this.

“Those who have taken part in the many protests across the country and at the Dairy Summit at Westminster have helped to highlight the issue of farm gate milk prices. It’s important that we keep fighting for a fair price for milk to ensure that dairy farming is not a forgotten sector of UK agriculture.”

The NFU has given its backing to the petition saying that the fight for a fair price is about fighting for farmers’ futures, and for the next generation of dairy farmers too.

NFU chief dairy adviser Rob Newbery said: “This fight is for a fair price for British dairy farmers, and we are determined to bring about real and lasting change to the industry.

“That’s why this petition is so important, and we urge anyone who enjoys fresh, delicious milk to back the cause, sign this petition, and give our dairy farmers the chance of a sustainable future in this industry.”

A downloadable form can be found on the NFYFC website for printing and canvassing signatures, as well as an on-line petition.

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