Sexed semen from unproven sire

Growing demand for British Friesian genetics has prompted breeding company, Cogent, to take the unusual step of sexing semen from an unproven young sire.

Catlane Carl meets the demand for robust and sustainable dairy cows, says Craig Davidson, sire analyst with Cogent.

“Of particular attraction is the longevity and high components that run right through his family.

“Carl’s mother, Catlane Buro Christine 2, has recently calved her fifth and has 35 tonnes of milk behind her.”

And his sire, Catlane Speaker and maternal grandsire all have positive genetic indexes for Lifespan.

Carl’s dam also has an exceptional type classification, with an overall score of EX92 points “This breaks down to Excellent scores in every area – importantly legs and feet, mammary and body conformation.

“This cow has also produced yields of up to 4.74% fat and 3.63% protein. Her most recent lactation totalled 8,713kg at 4.74 per cent fat and 3.41 per cent protein.” This gives her a Production Index of 131 within the Simpson family’s Nuneaton herd in which she was bred.

“We are delighted to be able to offer sexed semen from this bull,” Mr Davidson continues.

“He is expected to transmit the sort of strength and robustness demanded by more and more breeders, who are increasingly turning to British Friesians to provide these traits.”

Added to this is his Pedigree Index which features +0.05 percent fat and +0.08 percent protein and a PLI (Profitable Lifetime Index) of £124.

“This young sire promises to be an exceptional package,” he says.