Last of the maize crops should be cut and clamped

Most maize crops are now mature and once a weather window appears it should be harvested and clamped.

That’s the advice from Neil Groom, technical director for Grainseed, while highlighting that dry matters have now exceeded 30% in Carmarthenshire and Dumfries (see table).

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Sampling for Farmers Weekly at Dumfries in Scotland, SRUC farm manager Hugh McClymont chopped more maize last week. “The field of Marco we were sampling from has yielded 22t/acre which I am very pleased with.

“We used a SiloCompactor to improve the density in the clamp, to squeeze more air out of the chopped maize and to get more maize into the clamp. It’s rock solid,” he says.

“We have the fields sown to maize after first cut still to chop, adds Mr McClymont, but we need to finish a clamp of grass silage first and these fields are still laying down starch being milky to cheesy ripe at the moment.

“I am quite comfortable for harvest to be the end of the month for these fields.”

 Dry matter results    
Site  Drill date Height above sea level (m) Crop dry matter (%) 1 October  Increase from last week 
Petworth, Sussex  22 April 50 Havested
Harleston, Norfolk 24 April 30 Havested
Crediton, Devon 23 April 118 Harvested
Ticknall, Debryshire 4 May 67 Havested
Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire* 16 May 32 33.3 +46
SRUC, Dumfries, Scotland – Plastic 23 April 45 33.1 +2.2
SRUC, Dumfries, Scotland* 23 April 45 26.5 +1.4
Variety Es Picker, all other sites are Es Ballade.Variety under plastic Es Marco