Lleyn females sell for £250 a head at Stirling

Females were certainly in demand at Stirling Lleyn sale on Monday. The day sae a 100% clearance in the shearling ewes and 90% of the ewe lambs and rams sold.


The top price was realised by JK Goldie, South Bowerhouses, when he sold his five 2nd prize shearling ewes for £295/head to R Bowie, Glencallen, Crieff.  Mr Goldie sold his next pen at £250/head to T Moffat, Hillend, Biggar.


The first pen into the ring, which came from Debbie and Neil McGowan of Shealwalls, set things off to a high when the pen of 15 sold for £280/head to J and E Logan, Pirntaton.


The same buyer bought the McGowans next pen of 20 for £165 a head.  The first prize pen from JA and R Geldard realised £200/head to D McCreath, Cocklaw, Berwickshire.  Hamish Goldie, Dumfries sold a pen for £230 a head to Culfargie Estates, Perth.


In the ewe lamb section Hamish Goldie topped when his first prize pen sold for £190 a head to D McCreath, Cocklaw.  JK Goldie sold the third prize pen for £150 a head to T Moffat, Hillend.  Brian Walling, Selkirk sold his second prize pen for £110 a head to G Henderson, Nether Toucks, Stonehaven.


In the ram section Hamish Goldie topped with a homebred Lochar shearling ram sired by a Marcus Bullock ram.  This ram stood second in the show and sold for 600gns to F and A Younger, Old Leckie, Stirling.  NR Walter, Perth sold a Laga Farm sired shearling ram for 500gns to D Strachan & Son, East Shawtonhill, Strathaven.  Norman Lawrence travelled down from Ellon to sell a homebred sired ram for 500gns to JA and R Geldard & Sons, Kendal.