Maerdy on again at 11,000gns

Esmor Evans has made another sale at 11,000gns for Maerdy Dublin. This one is by Voldemort and out of Maerdy Taint, a Maerdy Poultice daughter.


He has a TSI of +30 and an SRI of +34, then at 5000gns was Brynffanigl Dafydd from Messrs Roberts. By Hoffmeister who is making his mark on today’s sale, this one is off a Maerdy Nelson daughter.

And Hoffmeister was the sire of the next sale, with Bill Bruce selling Balmyle Dingle for 8000gns. He’s out of Pedr Thumper daughter Balmyle Anna and has a TSI of +43 and an SRI of +49 and sold to Wesley Estates.