Maize Watch: Warm weather matures maize rapidly

The Indian summer has helped maize crops mature well and many contractors are now cutting throughout the country, said Neil Groom, technical director of Grainseed.

“What’s gone in the clamp is really good maize since fertilisation and grain set was good in the summer and crops have been shorter. This has increased the cob content and therefore starch content.

“When loading the clamp, spread the maize in thin layers and keep rolling the silage in tight,” advised Mr Groom. “If there is space on the clamp then get two tractors up there. The more rolling, the better the silage made – you just can’t over do it”.

Now we are into October, growers need to consider ways of reducing winter soil erosion, he said. “We need to allow rainfall to penetrate into the soil instead of washing across the field taking soil particles with it. Establishing a green manure, Italian ryegrass or winter cereals are all excellent methods, but when soil temperatures have dropped, cultivate across the slope to break any surface seal from the harvesting process”.

Maize Watch