Massive rise in Scotch Mule lamb prices at Castle Douglas

Following Saturday’s more than bouyant trade for Scotch Mule shearlings at Castle Douglas trade for ewe lambs at the same centre on Monday can only be described as phenomenal, with the 8034 lambs sold levelling the day at £101.95, up a mammoth £21 on last year.

Leading the trade, the dearest ever seen at the mart, was the champion pen from the pre-sale show, a pen of 40 from W Lockart and Son, Culdoach, Kirkcudbright. These sold to the judge Mr Booth of Helsey Hall Farm, Settle, for £165.

Next best was a £144/head bid for the reserve champion pen from J and A Brown, Macqueston, Tynron, which sold to H J Paterson, East Dykes, Strathaven. Others from the same home traded at £131.

Overall 113 pens sold for £100 or more, leaving breeders with a healthy return for their efforts, no doubt driven by the strong cull ewe trade being experienced across the country. It’s a quite remarkable trade for Mule ewe lambs and the hope is that buyers aren’t left disappointed if they come to sell some of these lambs as shearlings next year.