Merger creates new livestock trading business

One of the UK’s leading dairy auctioneering firms, Norton and Brooksbank, has today announced its merger with private treaty sales firm and livestock export promoters Livestock International.

The merger between the two firms will see current Norton and Brooksbank partners Christopher Norton and Tom Brooksbank joined in the business by Paul Westaway. Livestock International’s co-owner Nick Kirby will remain an adviser to the business.

As well as continuing to run dairy sales across the UK, the partners say the new business will also maintain an online private treaty sales register which will be updates daily and will include dairy and beef cattle and embryos. The firm has established a heifer sale barn for customers to visit and select stock of all ages in one place and a globally qualified lairage has been established to simplify and maximise exports of UK cattle.

On top of these developments the new company, Norton and Brooksbank International, will hold a monthly dairy sale in the south of England for all ages of dairy stock and will also offer a quarterly online auction of heifers and a embryos from leading UK cow families.

And in perhaps its most ambitious plan, the partnership says is hopes to establish an annual beef in the south of England to mirror the “Perth” sales.

All in all that’s a bold statement of plans from this new partnership, and in the meantime, there’s the Willsbro sale next week to keep them busy…..