Mixed bag for prime stock at Colchester

More than 100 prime cattle at Colchester market met an average trade with prices ranging from 132.5 to 241.5 with again the very best cattle dear and in demand. 

Some plainer sorts especially, in the steer classes reduced averages throughout, with some heavy steers  lacking finishing. 47 steers averaged 190p/kg with top price paid for a steer from W A Ketley and sons and selling to Peter Hollingsworth. Top price a head was £1,423.73 for a medium weighted steer from the same seller and selling to H G Blake.
Heifer quality was generally excellent  with prices reaching 238.5p/kg from W A Ketley and sons tonC J Byford and Sons. Top price a head for heifers was a £1344.76 bid for a heavy sized heifer from W H Vevers and Sons and selling to Wick Farm Meats.