Latest results from Newark and Notts

The full results are still not up from Newark so below is the latest I have. Unfortunately sheep results and dairy and pig results are also slow coming through. Keep a look on Newark and Notts website where they say they will be posted.





Mr Dean’s bull Cosmos Draco; Res, Misses Flintham and Lund‘s cow, Willow Tree Ebony.


Sheep Results



Champion male Miss E Needham’s two shear ram; res, TC and C A Harding’s ram lamb.

Champion female Mr Thomas Blunt’s yearling ewe; County Turf‘s ewe lamb


Leicester Longwool

Simon John’s ram in wool; res, Barry Enderby’s yearling ewe


Hampshire Down

Tim Hunter’s ram lamb; res, Jennifer Atkinson’s ewe lamb


British Charollais

David Wheatley’s aged ewe; Edward Middleton’s yearling ewe


Lincoln Longwool

Mr and Mrs M D and J Coney’s aged ram; res, Mr and Mrs M D and J Coney’s yearling ewe



Richard and Rachel Sharp’s aged ram; res, Richard and Rachel Sharp’s aged ewe



Southdown Sheep Society’s yearling ewe; Res, Mr and Mrs Terry Mead’s yearling ram



Stephen Dodworth’s yearling ewe; res, Mr and Mrs B C Stanley’s yearling ram


Other native breed

Mrs Shirley Hill’s Kerry Hill ram Pendin Mojo


Other continental breed

David and Susan Eglin’s Charmoise Hill yearling ram



David Wheatley’s Charollais ewe; res, Simon John’s Leicester Longwool shearling ram




Large White

Messrs M J Kiddy and Son’s gilt Withersfield Royal Catalina 51; Res, Messrs M J Kiddy and Son’s boar Withersfeidl Field Marshall 40.




Lincoln Red

R I Clough and Son’s bull Beverley Noble; Res, Mr and Mrs John and Anne Goacher’s heifer Walmer Sally



Mr and Mrs John Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Utopia; Res, Mr C G Burton and Son’s bull Riverlands Knobbler


British Blue

Mr Boomer Birch’s heifer Boomer Euphoria; Res, David Plestead’s bull Plested Bull



David Evan’s cow Tree Bridge Polly Pride; Res, Karl Hancock’s bull Blackhaugh Easy Papa


British Charolais

Mcmillian and McInnes’s heifer Mortimers Evanesee; Res, Mr and Mrs John and Lynne Pegg’s heifer;


British Simmental

Vince and Thomas Corbett’s bull (Williams Simmentals) Heathnbrow Tristar; Paul Gunther’s heifer Horsford Manor Wonder


British Limousin

Mr D C Wharton’s heifer Withersdale Empress; Res, Mr and Mrs Barwood and Padfield’s cow Withersdale Donna


British Blonde

Mr and Mrs W and M Seel’s heifer Diva; Res, Mr Grenville B Sewell and Partner’s bull Meadow Chuckle



Newtoncroft Farm’s cow Newtoncroft I Truelove 76; Res, D and J Coulson Livestock LTD’s cow Romany 1 Dawn


Red Poll

N P Foster and Partner’s bull Canute Orange Bombadier; Res, Ms Joy Broughton’s cow Nobody Allspice



Robert Wain’s cow Goergia 2nd of Wainsmore


Beef Shorthorn

Tracy Severn’s heifer Highlee Blackbrook Dipsy


South Devon

Mr and Mrs T J and E A Richardson’s heifer


Supreme Champion

Messrs VAS and TVS Corbett’s Limousin bull Rosecroft Dynamite; Res, Vince and Thomas Corbett’s (Williams Simmental) Simmental bull Heathbrow Tristar


Junior Bull

Beeston Hall Farm’s Saler bull Beeston Hall Corky


Commercial Beef 

 Mr and Mrs Padfield and Barwood’s Aberdeen Angus x, Monarch of the Glen; res., Mr and Mrs Padfield and Barwood’s Blonde Aquitaine, Ladybird.