More Carlisle Beltex female prices

Trade for the best of the Beltex females is still on fire here at Carlisle, with the top call so far being a 2200gns bid for one from V J and M L Roots. This was Frekleton Ness, a  Freckleton Kerron daughter. She went to Harry Emslie and Lynwen Evans as foundation for a new flock along with two earlier purchases.

(hutch)105w.jpgMaking 2100gns was the best of the day from Glen Forsyth, Corra Nan, she is a Brickrow Lionel daughter. This sold to Ted Fox. And then at 1050gns was one from the McCrabbes, Ardstewart Norma by Ardstewart King of Speads. Another from the same home by Ardstewart Mr Bow Jangles made 1000gns as did another, this time by King of Speads again (yes the spelling of this is right, according to the catalogue anyway!)