MP rapped over Dairy UK role

An MP has been reprimanded for failing to adequately register details of his job as chairman of Dairy UK to Parliament.

The Standards and Privileges Committee has ruled that Tory MP David Curry breached House of Commons rules when he sat as chairman of Dairy UK.

Mr Curry served as chairman of the dairy industry organisation, which represents dairy farmers and milk producers, from August 2005 to September 2008.

But the committee has ruled that he did not adequately register details of his job – in particular he failed to make it clear that he would not engage in lobbying activities on Dairy UK’s behalf.

In his evidence Mr Curry said his actions had been entirely in good faith.

“If I have been in breach of Parliamentary rules I apologise without reservation.”

Mr Curry was paid a salary of over £35,000 for his work with Dairy UK and he received an ex-gratia payment of £20,000 when it ended.

The Standards and Privileges Committee also ruled that Mr Curry needed to repay £28,000 after a serious breach of second home rules.