National Charolias Show NEC latest results just in…..

By Simon Wragg

Final results from the National Charolais Show at Livestock Event 2013 at the NEC today, Wednesday, judged by Dave Murray of Wolflaw, Angus, has seen the Supreme Champion’s title awarded to the young heifer Rumsden Gamble (1). Exhibited by R Tremayne and bred by R Taylor this heifer had taken the opening class of the new National Show before being placed Overall female champion later in the day.Livestock 2013 NEC Birmingham © Tim Scrivener 07850 30986

Overall Male champion went to Culford Hector (56) from D H Knox putting Charbron Heredity (62) from Barons Cross Charolais Stud as Reserve Male Champion.

Running through the individual wins saw Class 1 for Female born 010111 to 010511 go to Rumsden Gamble (1) from R Tremaine later taking Overall Female Champion title. Second in the class was Balbithan Gipsophila (3) from Mr & Mrs A White which also took Overall Reserve Female Champion.

Class 2 Female born 050511 to 180112 went to Mortimers Genie (8) from Mortimers Farm. Second place went to Twomacs Grace (11) from McMillan & McInnes.

Class 3 Female born 020212 to 270512 went to Balbithan Hersieys (16) from Mr & Mrs A White. Second in the class was Wissington Happy (19) from Mrs J Rix.

Class 4 Female born 020712 to 190912 went to Shamleys Honey (27) from B M Robinson Jnr. Second place was Cargriff Harmony (29) from G G Morris.

Class 5 Bull born 010111 to 311211 went to Marne Gucci (37) from R Tremayne.

Class 6 Bull born 140112 to 060312 went to Balbithan Hannibal (39) from Mr & Mrs A White. Second place was Drumshane Hugo boss (44) from D H Knox.

Class 7 Bull born 100312 to 070412 went to Culford Hector (56) from D H Knox. Second place was Silver Hadrian (54) from D A Harman.

Class 8 Bull born 080412 to 070612 went to Charbron Heredity (62) from Barons Cross Charolais Stud. Second place was Sackville Hercules (60) from B A & P T Heath.

Class 9 Bull born 040712 to 241012 went to Charbron Harvest (67) from Barons Cross Charolais Stud. Second place was TwoMacs Hitman (71) from McMillan & McInnes.