National Primestock show is going all English!

I had heard a rumour but now it’s official….


As of today the Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society have announced the annual National Primestock Show and Sale will change its name to the English Winter Fair Show and Sale, bringing it in line with the other main winter events – the Welsh Winter Fair and the Scottish Winter Fair.

Included in that change is a new ruling that means we might not be seeing too many more instances where a champion remians unsold to the meat trade (either taken home for breeding, or left for the handler to take their chance at the next big show).

Now the champion will automatically be entered into the show’s auction of prize winners and will be sold to the highest bidder; that person will have to pay the winning bid as well as all commission charges.

Furthermore, if an exhibitor has intentionally instructed the auctioneer to set an unattainable reserve or withdraws the beast from sale, they will face suspension from showing at this event for two years.

Other changes include a move to holding most of the championships to the Sunday morning of the show, which will be held on the weekend of 17-18 November.