Native cattle pull in bids at inaugural sale

Skipton Auction Mart’s inaugural Autumn sale of native-sired cattle was a huge success, with 126 head of native cattle presented for sale.

The fixture was staged alongside the fortnightly sale of feeding bulls and store cattle, which drew entries from almost every northern county,

A run of eight Shorthorn cattle from T AND A J Swinbank, of Brafferton, topped out at £1,050 each for 17-month-old bullocks, while nine Shorthorn bullocks, aged 18-20 months from Geoff Riby, of Driffield, peaked at £1,055 to average £916.

At the younger end, Jim Caygill, of Rylstone, sold a pen of six six-month-old Luing suckled bullock calves at £575 each. Continental-bred store cattle were also good to sell, with a keen ringside of buyers for strong, well fleshed cattle.

Highest priced native cattle were: Under 12 months – M Preston, Silsden, 2 Hereford x at £760 each, J Caygill & Partners, Rylstone, 6 Luing Bullocks at £575 each. 12-18 months – TA&J Swinbank, Brafferton, 2 Shorthorn Bullocks at £1,050 each, C Wellock, Halton East, Angus Bullocks at £935 each. Over 18 months – G Riby, Driffield, 2 Shorthorn Bullocks at £1,055 each,TA&J Swinbank, Brafferton, 2 Shorthorn Bullocks at £1,040 each.

Prices and averages: Young bulls – Continental x average £740, Native average £481. Store bullocks – Continental x average £835, Native average £631. Store heifers -Continental x average £749, Native average £622.