NBA ready for all-industry attack on Johne’s

AN INDUSTRY attack against Johne”s disease has been announced by the National Beef Association working in conjunction with DEFRA, dairy organisations, vets, academic institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

The partnership is the first to react to Johne”s challenge across the UK and across all sectors of the cattle industry. Johne”s is a growing threat and must be challenged nationally, says NBA policy adviser Kim-Marie Haywood.


“Each individual cow case costs 850 due to losses from beef or milk production, infertility, premature culling and reduced resistance to other diseases.

” The attack will begin with a DEFRA-funded workshop in London in March, where speakers will discuss disease prevalence, control measures and costs and benefits to the industry, says SAC”s George Caldow, who will speak at the event.

“Speakers will address ways to combat Johne”s and the success they have to date in the UK and other countries.” The global perspective and vaccination programmes will also be considered.