New Angus addition helps farmers shorten calving interval

A new British-bred Aberdeen Angus bull offering -4.9 days gestation length has joined the Sterling Sires line up.

Oakchurch Duke is one of very few bulls in the Angus breed worldwide with a gestation length score below -4.5 days.

With each day open costing dairy farmers at least £3 a cow a day in lost production, Sterling Sires director Paul Westaway says this bull will appeal to dairy and beef farmers alike looking to shorten calving interval, while also producing easy-calving progeny with excellent growth rates.

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“The ability to increase farmers’ profits by getting cows back to work quicker is a game changer in the Angus breed.”

Attracted by the bull’s performance figures, Sterling Sires acquired 25% ownership of Oakchurch Duke and global semen rights, with Herefordshire-based breeder Jeremy Price retaining 75%.

Mr Price reports that, conformation wise, Duke has been a distinctive specimen since birth.

“We were keen to keep a share in him because his gestation length EBV and other breed-leading traits make him a good choice for both dairy and beef farmers looking to shorten calving interval and boost profits,” he says.