New housing solutions to launch at DELS

Improved ventilation

A new state-of-the-art ventilation system, developed in Canada, is being launched in the UK by Intershape. The SECCO ventilation system features air-filled curtains, chimneys in the roof and fans. Intershape’s Paul Butland says the system provides a constant temperature in cattle sheds, all controlled by a central unit. The system is already in use in big dairies in Russia and France.

Cow pillow

Wilson Agriculture is launching a new improved version of the Poly Pillow cow pillow. The MoovApillow is manufactured in the UK and is 35% stronger than the Poly Pillow. It contains slots to allow for adjustment, should the farmer increase his cow size at some point in the future. RRP £15 a cow on UK farms.

Bite-proof pig flooring (pictured)

Kitt Kraiburg is launching a range of rubber floor covers for pig producers. The range is suitable for use in lying areas for sows in group housing and the farrowing house. It features bite-proof edges and can be cut to any size. The range costs between £50-85sq m, plus installation costs.



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