New machinery on display at DELS

Feed pusher

Lely is launching a smaller, more economic version of the Juno 100 feed pusher. The Juno 150 features new smart software, allowing it to decide by itself at which distance to push feed. It retails at £11,000, but farmers buying in September will receive a £400 discount.


Trioliet is launching the new Shifttronic 2-speed gearbox, to tackle start-up problems with big mixers. It allows farmers to shift from a start-up speed to a higher mixing speed, without interruption. Featuring sensors and automatic control, the gearbox selects the gear most suitable to the mixer at any given time.

Robotic milking

SAC is launching a new robotic milking unit complete with a computerised management system. The RDS Futureline MAX is available in a single system (75 cows) or a double system (150 cows). It incorporates Total Integrated Management (TIM), which includes all farm management software on feeding, health, finance and yields. It will be available to UK dairy farmers following this year’s Dairy Event.


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