New silage sheet boasts better clamp fit

A new silage sheet from BPI.agri could help farmers reduce maize clamp wastage in this year’s crop

Launched earlier this year, Visqueen Clingseal has been proven to reduce top and shoulder losses in the clamp. BPI.agri believes the sheet will prove particularly beneficial to those making maize silage because of the higher value of the crop and the more costly nature of clamp wastage.

Top and shoulder losses are undesirable in any clamp and particularly so with a crop like maize which has a high nutritional value, explains Louise Aplin, marketing manager at BPI.agri.

“Visqueen Clingseal can help farmers to protect their investment in terms of time, effort and money by providing clamps with an improved air barrier.”

The sheet is designed for use underneath a conventional, high quality silage sheet. Because it is thinner and more flexible than conventional silage sheets, it is able to “cling” closer to the contours of the clamp’s surface and tuck in better at the sides.

This closer fit minimises the presence of air pockets, depriving aerobic bacteria, such as those that cause white mould, of the oxygen they need to grow.