New website is “one-stop shop” for sheep parasites

A new website has been launched to provide information and advice on all practical aspects of sustainable parasite control amid an industry push to address parasite resistance. 

The easy-to-use website has been devised the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) to help farmers deal with the challenge of parasite control and drench resistance.

As well as comprehensive advice, the SCOPS website houses the new Nadis nematodirus forecast. For the first time, weekly nematodirus updates will be available through the spring. 

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Lesley Stubbings, independent sheep consultant said: “The advice provided is easily accessible, even for farmers who have never come across the SCOPS principles before.

“You cannot reverse resistance to wormers and other medicines once it is established – but it is never too late to start taking action to mitigate the impact on flock productivity.”

Six reasons to visit the SCOPS website

1 Training resources

  • Manuals available for download on anthelmintic groups, drenching correctly, quarantine options and a technical manual.

2 Farmers’ stories

  • This section will see case studies of farmers seeing the benefit of SCOPS advice.

External parasites

  • Information and control advice on scab, lice, ticks and blowfly

3 Internal parasites

  • Information and advice on worms and fluke.
  • Guidance on different types of drenches and anthelmintic groups, product/active selection, correct dosing and how and why to do faecal egg counts.

4 Forecasts

  • Localised reports on a 40km square grid across the UK, detailing the nematodirus hatch from early March.

5 News

  • Parasite updates and announcements from SCOPS.  
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