Newbirks heifer tops trade at Craven Dairy Auction

Craven Dairy Auction peaked at £2,000 for reserve champion, 11 days calved heifer, Newbirks Remembrance 172. From the Lawson family’s pedigree Holstein Newbirks herd and by a Saltergate bred bull, she sold to Mark Goodhall of Tong, Bradford, giving 26 litres.

Next was championship winner, Robert Crisp’s second calved commercial daughter of Garrison, from Nelson House, Calton. Giving 27 litres, she joined Wick Williams, Nantwich for £1,920.

Bingley’s Keith Downs offered six home-bred newly calven commercial heifers and cows, with a £1,900 entry also knocked down to Mr Goodall. Next at £1,540 was Rusby’s Dairies , from Penistone, Sheffield who went home with the Sowray dairy farming brothers, Bishop Thornton.

Auctioneer Sam Bradley said a responsive ringside made the 20 dairy cattle on offer a straighter trade than first predicted, with a respectable overall average for first class and pedigree heifers of £1,751, with cows averaging £1,606.