NSA to record sheep worrying incidents

The National Sheep Association has set up a service to record incidents of sheep worrying by dogs.

The aim is to create an accurate picture of cases across the UK, providing information that can be used to increase awareness and encourage responsible behaviour by dog owners, said NSA chief executive Phil Stocker.

The service will be offered to all UK sheep producers, whether they are NSA members or not, and will help to highlight areas of incidence and levels of seriousness.

Mr Stocker said: “We hope the service will provide valuable information to benefit sheep producers. Sheep worrying and dog attacks appear to be on the increase and we are aware that many cases go unreported.”

“It is important to create a picture of what is really happening and use this to raise awareness among dog owners and authorities,” he said.

If you have a sheep-worrying incident to report, phone NSA’s confidential helpline on 01684 892 661.

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