Nutrition for beef herds

Information, advice and case studies on nutrition, forage and feed for healthy beef cattle.

Health and nutrition advice from 2011 Farmers Weekly Beef Farmer of the Year Sam Chesney for successful suckler beef production.

Good health and nutrition are key to fertility success

Information on stress tolerant grass varieties for beef herds to deal with extreme weather risks.

Stress-tolerant grass could help protect beef margins

How to apply a a high starch diet to maintain good herd health and increase gross margins for intensive beef finishing.

Maximise starch for massive gross margins

Advice on analysing forage for quality to safegurard finishing target weights and options for making up for forage shortfall.

Test forage to ensure beef finishers aren’t compromised

Getting the best from beef finishing rations

Information on growing lupins for as alternative feed to bought-in soya and the benefits to cattle performance.

Lupins can provide an alternative feed to soya

Case study – diet is the key to a South Yorshire farm’s finishing a profitable herd.

Having the right diet to finishing beef this winter

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