Pedigree data handling made easier with Farmplan change

Farmers using Breedplan to manage their pedigree information via their breed society website can now instantly access this data through Farmplan’s programs.

Working with  several of the major breed societies, the software development team at Farmplan has introduced a new link enabling users to access their pedigree information held in Breedplan for each animal as required from within either Cattle or Livestock Manager.  

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In addition, the details required for calf registrations can be entered into the program and sent directly to the society to update their records, avoiding the need to enter data again.

“Inputting data only once is a huge benefit to both the farmer and the breed society.”
Frank Milnes, Shorthorn society

Sally Ashwell, Farmplan’s product co-ordinator says: “The link with the breed societies is something we believe will make a positive difference to how pedigree breeders use their data and our software.

“We have welcomed Aberdeen Angus, Charolais, Simmental, Beef Shorthorn, South Devon and Hereford societies on board.”

One key benefit is keeping records, as any missing pedigree details can be downloaded from the breed society website, including family history details and a direct link to each animal’s webpage from the program. 

“This means that a detailed history of every animal can be seen from one location as the program provides complete management details at the same time, allowing direct access to the breeding information held by Breedplan.”

Frank Milnes, secretary of the Shorthorn society, adds: “Inputting data only once is a huge benefit to both the farmer and the breed society.

“The breed society receives all the information required for the pedigree registration directly from the farmer and the farmer receives all the pedigree information directly back to his computer. BCMS  and breed society registration are all completed without duplicating data inputting.”

Visit the Farmplan website for more information about its cattle and sheep management software.

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