PICTURE STORY Open Farm Sunday pulls in the crowds

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Over 400 farms opened their gates to the public on Open Farm Sunday (1 June), and FWi was there to capture some of the action.

In the south-east, Philip Clarke visted two farms – Brickpits Organic Farm near Uckfield and Towning’s Farm near Lewes – that were helping the public learn more about farming.

farm sunday barbeque

Smokin! Organic farmer Ian Hutchison served up food to about 80 families at Brickpits Farm

farm sunday lambs

George (5) and Thomas (9) Stevenson from Brighton practice lamb classification

farm sunday kelland

Two-year-old Kelland Macandrew finds refuge in a couple of old tyres…

farm sunday hot dog

…while Brian Colburn from Brighton finds solace in a hot dog

farm sunday shearing

Short back and sides! Ian Hutchison gave the public a shearing demonstration

farm sunday wool

Soft and cuddly! Lynnie Hutchison shows off the resultant fleece

farm sunday black sheep

Louise Lincoln and Will Roney get up close to a black lamb at Townings Farm, near Lewes

farm sunday looby

Louise Russ (39) explains to three-year-old Craig Webb where lamb chops come from

farm sunday feeding

Feeding time was as popular as ever, said farm owner Carole Uridge (right)

farm sunday sisters

Can we take it home? Sisters Louise and Rosie Lincoln were clearly taken with the lambs…

farm sunday pig

…while Pumpkin the pig was equally taken with Dave Webb from Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex