Pig company deal opens doors to latest in Dutch genetics

JSR Genetics and Dutch company Topigs Norsvin have struck a deal to partner up, opening the door for UK producers to access the latest developments in pig breeding.

JSR Genetics will become the exclusive distributor of Topigs Norsvin genetics in Great Britain and the AI activities of AIM UK in Great Britain, which is part of the Topigs Norsvin AI network, will be integrated into JSR.

Topigs Norsvin will take responsibility for breeding value calculations and other technology related to the JSR breeding programme in Great Britain.

The two companies will also combine their research and development programmes.

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Tim Rymer, JSR chief executive, said: “For the British market it means pig producers get access to the latest genetic developments in pig breeding supported and driven by one of the largest research and development programmes in the world.

“Pig genetics is moving at a pace – this gives JSR Genetics instant access to the world of genomics.”

Martin Bijl, chief executive of Topigs Norsvin, said he was delighted to have reached the agreement with JSR Genetics.

“As the most innovative and leading pig genetics company in the world, we can supply world-class research and development and products to JSR, while JSR offers significant infrastructure and reputation that give us a great opportunity to develop and grow in Great Britain.“

The international activities of JSR are not included in the partnership.