Pig farm survey to steer Brexit labour debate

National Pig Association (NPA) members are being urged to complete a short survey to influence the government on post-Brexit immigration and labour policy.

The 14-question migrant labour survey follows this month’s leaked immigration paper revealing the government’s plans to end free movement of labour, explains the NPA.

The survey is part of the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) efforts to align the UK immigration system to modern industry after the NPA said it was “alarmed” by home office suggestions that migrant and particularly unskilled migrant labour should be severely restricted.

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Farms, processors and allied industry have several weeks to complete the survey, which is expected to close in October.

A similar survey a year ago showed one in five pig business (farms and allied industry) would “struggle to survive” without migrant labour.

A quarter of respondents said they would be forced to make changes without migrant labour, while 6% said they could not forecast the impact.

Responding to the paper, leaked to The Guardian, NPA senior policy adviser Ed Baker said farmers should state their cases as the country takes a sector by sector approach.