Pig performance is raised

BREEDING HERD performance is still very good in the Easton Lodge Pig Unit, writes David Neal (pictured), pig unit manager. But there was a small decline in numbers born per litter, according to the Agrosoft pig performance figures for the year ending Nov 30.

The reason for the shortfall is thought to be the unusually hot spell which appeared in the first two weeks of June.

Meanwhile, rearing herd performance has reached optimum levels with mortality running at 1.5%, daily live weight gain at 575g/day and a feed conversion ratio in the last three months of 1.34.

Disappointingly, there has been an increase in finisher mortality to 8.6% from 7.6% over the same period last year. That was due to a flare up of PWMS and PDNS as a result of mixing two grower pig groups together to maximise the space available in the finishing department.