Pig producers urged to step up biosecurity

Pig producers are being urged to take a “zero tolerance” approach when it comes to livestock vehicles entering their farms and step up biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of disease spread.

The announcement comes after the outbreak of swine fever in Poland last month.

Helen Clarke of BPEX says: “Livestock vehicles can be a common factor in the spread of crippling production diseases such as swine dysentery, as well as exotic diseases such as African swine fever and porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus.”

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According to BPEX simple steps such as providing disinfectant wheel dips and foot dips at the entrance and ensuring drivers don’t enter pig areas of the unit should be taken.

Eddie Harper of the Livestock Hauliers Association says: “Hauliers, producers and abattoirs must continue to work together to ensure they understand the risks and the key measures to reduce them. We also need to ensure we have the proper facilities and equipment in place to clean and disinfect vehicles effectively at every stage of the pig supply chain.”