Plaid Cymru pledges to support EID battle

Plaid Cymru candidates standing in the European elections in June have vowed to continue to campaign against compulsory electronic tagging of sheep.

EID topped the eight-point pledge the candidates signed last week to affirm their support for Welsh farming.

“Electronic tagging is one of the major concerns in Wales and other countries and my opposition to this has been well documented,” sitting MEP Jill Evans told a farmers’ meeting at Llanfairfechan.

But Plaid Cymru had produced a document making a number of other firm commitments to Welsh agriculture, including working to get CAP reform that supported Welsh farming and the promotion of Welsh produce.

Ms Evans also pledged efforts to restrict the power of supermarkets, a campaign for more rural development funding and for the maintenance of existing less favoured area boundaries.

The party would press for country of origin food labelling on all foods imported into the EU and promised to back a young farmer entrance scheme.