Plenty of new launches at DELS

Bulk milk (pictured)

A new bulk milk tank that enables farmers to control its temperature via text message is being launched by DairyMaster. The DairyMaster Milk Cooling Tank contains technology to control cooling dependant on the amount of milk in the tank. In addition, it is 25% thicker than standard milk tanks – 2.5mm thick inner shell and 2mm thick outer shell. Sizes range from 5,500 litres to 30,000 litres.

Pest control

A brand new rodenticide with the first new active ingredient in pest control for 20 years is being launched to the UK market by Bayer CropScience. Rodilon is available in four bait formulations and acts to tackle resistant strains of mice and rats on UK farms. Bayer’s Ken Black says: “It represents a real breakthrough for farmers who have been battling the increasing problem of rodent resistance.” For more information visit

Rock salt fertiliser

The new Magnesia-Kainit rock salt fertiliser from K+S is being rolled out across the UK. Containing 11% potash, 27% sodium, 5% magnesium and 10% sulphur, the fertiliser, which was previously only available in the east of the country, aims to solve nutrient imbalances in grassland soils. It is a particularly useful source of sulphur for organic farmers. It is expected to cost £200-250/t.

Maize varieties

Several new varieties of maize are being launched at this year’s event. KWS, Limagrain and Pioneer are all introducing new early maturing varieties to the market. In addition, Limagrain is launching a new selection system giving farmers three maturity options to choose from: Late (classes 4-6), Early (classes 7-9) and Very Early (classes 10+).



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