Pneumonia still worry for Julian Ellis

It seems at the moment we are getting on top of calf pneumonia. Feeding the calves twice a day has proved to be time well spent, even though we are one man down at the moment due to our milker being off for a knee operation.

Fortunately our part-time man could give us a few more hours a week and so far we are managing to keep on top of things, even finding time to repair some hedges.

The calendar has been fairly busy away from the farm, helping Sam with the wedding preparations and giving talks about my Nuffield trip. Generally the audiences seem to be interested in my wacky moon farming subject, particularly when I share with them figures from our own cows that we see 23% more heats on average around a full moon.

We also experience an 18% better conception rate during the full moon period. Evidence that I have not completely lost the plot and that perhaps we need to consider the moon when breeding cattle.

I am currently reading a book which contains text written more than 80 years ago that predicts problems with human health from a poor diet. It’s ironic the regional paper headlines recently stated obesity could bankrupt the NHS. The same paper also printed the £330m losses in the dairy industry; let’s hope these problems can be addressed before its too late.

Maybe the author will go on to give the solutions to the problems he predicted. My friends have accused me of predicting the weather as myself and Sam were blessed with glorious sunshine on our wedding day, and we were even fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights while on our honeymoon in Norway.

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