Podcast Special: Britain’s farm vets – an endangered species?

Britain faces a shortage of farm vets – with recruitment and retention posing key challenges for veterinary practices and the future of the sector.

Industry insiders estimate there are more than 3,000 veterinary job vacancies across the UK – with big implications for the livestock producers who rely on them.

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What are the reasons for these challenges? And what are the prospects for new entrants looking for a successful veterinary career?

Combining the expertise of Harper Adams and Keele universities, a new vet school aims to encourage a new generation to enter the profession.

But will it succeed? Are farm vets really an endangered species? Or is there a bright future for vets who provide a vital service to UK livestock farmers?


With thanks to  the Harper & Keele Vet School, the British Veterinary AssociationXLVetsVetPartnersLLM Vets and everyone who contributed to this episode.

Featuring Sarah Tomlinson, (vet and technical director of the TB Advisory Service), Cheshire dairy farmer Richard Blackburn,  Hannah Batty (LLM Vets), Italian vet Alphonso Camassa, Ian Cure (VetPartners), Andrew Curwen (XLVets), James Russell (British Veterinary Association), Jane Richardson (Harper & Keele Vet School) and Professor of Sustainable Livestock Health and Welfare Jonathan Statham.

Vet roundtable

Farmers Weekly’s veterinary roundtable meeting © MAG/Colin Miller

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