Poll claims 73% of shoppers would avoid cloned meat

A straw poll on a consumer website claims that 73% of shoppers would not eat meat from a cloned animal.

The poll, carried out by discount website Myvoucherscodes.co.uk, asked 1102 people for their views on eating meat or drinking milk from cloned animals.

Just under three-quarters said they would not eat the meat of a cloned animal, 57% said they would not drink the milk from a clone and 24% claimed they would stop shopping at a store that sold cloned animal produce.

Farmers Weekly comment:

This has been described as a ‘flash’ poll so the findings should be viewed with caution. It is worrying, however, to see that when asked why they wouldn’t want to eat or drink milk from cloned animals many consumers said it was because they thought it was unsafe or unhealthy. The Food Standards Agency has repeatedly stressed that there is no evidence consuming products from healthy clones, or their offspring, poses a food safety risk.

It is also frustrating to see shoppers asked about eating ‘cloned animals’ given that the animals in the centre of the controversy are the progeny of clones and not clones themselves.