Poultry Fair seminars to focus on feed prices and cages

An innovative new programme of forums and workshops is set to offer lively debate, valuable information and free advice to poultry producers at this year’s British Pig and Poultry Fair.

“Headlining the programme is a debate on feed, which will bring together all members of the supply chain to discuss how to minimise the risk of feed prices,” said event manager Alice Bell.

“Managing the risk related to feed prices is of major importance to producers and it is essential that the UK poultry meat and egg industries can address the reality of rising world food prices and the potential role of GMOs,” added Alan Murphy, managing director of Fair sponsor ABN.

The forums, to take place in a new purpose-built theatre seating over 75 people, will also explore issues including Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control solutions and ways to satisfy changing consumer trends and demands.

Catering for smaller audiences of around 25, the workshops will focus on practical advice on planning permission, farm health planning and new opportunities in the poultry sector.

With the conventional cage ban soon to affect all caged birds, a dedicated workshop will look at the performance and management of enriched cages.

The event is being organised by RASE with Poultry World as media partner for the poultry element.

British pig and poultry fair

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