Aviagen releases updated broiler nutrient guides

Poultry genetics firm Aviagen has updated its nutritional specification for broilers, which it says reflect improvements to feed conversion ratios (FCRs) and bone strength, and take in advice from new research.

Minerals and vitamin content in rations have been adjusted, with calcium and phosphorus levels lowered. Aviagen said this was because of improvements to birds’ bone strength. Overall, however, vitamin levels have increased to ensure more efficient feed-converting birds still get the necessary nutrition.

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It has said an increase in specific amino acid energy has been recommended, “to reflect improvements in the genetic potential of the broilers”. At the same time, overall energy in rations will be reduced.

The company has also given specifications for lower and higher target weight ranges, reflecting different requirements across the globe – now from under 1.6kg to 4kg.

Alex Corzo, head of Aviagen’s global nutrition team, said: “It is important to note that these recommended nutrient specifications are based on achieving optimal biological performance, bird health and welfare.

“Used in conjunction with our broiler handbooks, these specifications should deliver the constant levels of high performance growers expect from any Aviagen product,” he added.

The updated specifications can be downloaded here

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