Waitrose to launch omega-3 enriched chicken

Premium supermarket Waitrose has announced it will sell poultrymeat enriched with omega-3, supplied by Moy Park in partnership with Devenish Nutrition.

The range, Waitrose Omega, is produced by feeding birds a diet that includes an algae.

The retailer said eating a 200g portion of a whole bird would meet an adult’s daily requirements.

Breast fillets in the range will retail at more than £15/kg, compared with the £10-£13/kg at which the retailer sells its “essential” equivalent.

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Omega-3 is thought to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but research has suggested just 23% of UK adults eat the recommended amount.

A more traditional source of omega-3 is oily fish, though some egg companies have historically enriched their produce with the nutrient.

This is thought to be the first time chicken in the UK has been specifically enriched and marketed as being high in omega-3.

The birds will be reared in Moy Park farms in Northern Ireland to Waitrose specification.

This includes the addition of natural light in the form of windows, a lower stocking density and other shed enrichments.

Heather Jenkins, Waitrose’s agricultural director, said: “Our research is showing that this nutritional breakthrough has the potential to have a significant impact on health.

Including omega-3 in the chickens’ natural diet makes this already healthy food even healthier Justin Coleman, Moy Park

“What’s exciting is that it’s improving the nutritional content of something which customers already consume frequently as part of their diets.”

Justin Coleman, Moy Park agriculture development manager, added: “Food and farming innovation are important focus areas for Moy Park.

“We are proud to be the first poultry company in the UK to produce chicken enriched with omega-3.

“Including omega-3 in the chickens’ natural diet makes this already healthy food even healthier.”

A total of 10 different new products, including whole chickens, breast fillets and thighmeat will go on sale from 15 June, priced from £3.59/kg.

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