Dominique takes rare breed title for the first time at National Poultry Show

This year’s National Show held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, saw a Dominique taking the rare breed trophy for the very first time.

Its owner, Tony Beardsmore, is no stranger to winning top rare breeds awards, including show championships, but this was the first time that he won the ultimate national title.

Likewise, Bill Oldcorn from Lancashire has a habit of winning the egg championship, having won the National twice before. The first time was back in 1998 and the last time was in 2006. Bill’s truly remarkable achievement, many believe, has never been done before.

Every year new exhibitors produce memorable National results, which leave lifelong exhibitors bewildered. There was a classic example this year when Barry and Mandy Hobbs from Battle in East Sussex took the Dorking championship with a large pullet.

Although Barry and Mandy are well established and respected for their Sussex fowl this was the first time that they’ve even bred Dorkings.

History was also made this year when the Serama breed was welcomed into the Poultry Club for the very first time. The Serama Club made sterling efforts to have their standards prepared in time. Consequently, the classic, tiny black red cockerel belonging to Harry Thirlby from Leicestershire was the last Serama ever to win the any other variety classes.

And to the top award, this year’s Supreme National Champion was a beautifully presented Frizzle. Its owner, Simon Gambling, was a universally acclaimed winner as he owns one of the most popular poultry websites in Britain. His chat rooms and forums are phenomenally popular meeting places for an ever increasing numbers of young, and not so young, poultry enthusiasts.

There were a number of notable changes this year. The Poultry Club council decided to put the large and bantam fowl of each breed together for the first time. This innovation was greeted with universal approval.

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