KFC is fast first with Red Tractor certification

KFC has become the first fast food company in the UK to receive Red Tractor certification with all its chicken-on-the-bone products coming from inspected British suppliers.

The Red Tractor scheme sees food and drink producers meet high standards including rigorous levels of food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare, as well as featuring the British flag to guarantee UK origin.

“At KFC we have always provided fresh, high-quality food, and sourced from UK farms where possible,” said Chris Fells, head of food at KFC.

“We wanted to communicate this to our customers because we know they really care about quality and provenance, and the Red Tractor logo is a great way for us to do this.”

Richard Cattell, head of marketing and communications at Red Tractor Assurance, said it was a boon for the scheme to have KFC join the program.

“We are delighted that KFC is getting behind Red Tractor and showing its commitment to quality food and great farming. It shows the growing importance that big brands are placing on food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection,” Mr Cattell said.

“With KFC we can continue to educate consumers on the importance of buying quality Red Tractor certified food and drink products.”